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Light Set Here at The Cake Decoration Shop we have been selling Colour Mill for a few years now, we have found it to be great for colouring buttercream, some people find it expensive, and yes there are cheaper alternatives for colouring buttercream, but nothing works like Colour mill when colouring chocolate. We do agree […]

PRODUCT DETAILS Make your cake designs dazzle with colour, using the Fulllfill Gel Colouring Range from Fractal Colours. This professional and highly concentrated paste colouring ensures impressive and vivid colours for your cake projects, as well as consistency. It’s easy to see why they’re becoming such a popular choice amongst world-renowned cake artists and baking […]

We offer Colour Mill food colouring in singles and bulk deals, check out all our latest offers by clicking HERE!!!!, we have a great selection of sets like the bakers set, Light Colour Set, we also have the options of buying in sets of 6 , 8, 12 and 14, where your able to choose […]

Welcome to our new The Cake Decoration Shop Blog. We have been baking for many years and started our own family run business in 2009, we started the business making cakes, then we started helping fellow bakers by supplying ingredients and tools, then in the last 2 years we have started workshops teaching too. Unleash […]

Here at The Cake Decoration Shop we have 2 types of food colouring, powder form and gel based.  With regards to gel based colours we feel these work best for colouring large quantities of buttercream, fondant and sponge. With regards to powder colours, these are ideal for colour small amounts of fondant, sfp or modelling paste when making small cake decorations. Step […]

Here at The Cake Decoration Shop we have a great selection of cake decorating supplies from all the top brands like PME, Culpitt, Squires Kitchen and much more. We have a loyalty points based system within our site too to help with keep costs down. We have been baking for many years, so we can also offer free advice […]

We here at The Cake Decoration Shop we love to bake and have found that every one is going mad for the Rainbow Cake. We find the traditional food colouring that is found in most supermarkets and that is usually in liquid form will really not help achieve these amazing colours. We at The Cake Decoration Shop would always […]

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