10 inch Cake Boxes – White 6″ Tall


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This listing is for 10″ white cake boxes for your celebration cakes, flat packed.

They are a good quality stand 6″ high.

We sell these via our retail unit too with no complaints.

We also sell in bulk quantities to help our customers save money.

Qty sold in : singles, 5, 10, 15 or 50.

You can typically find 10-inch cake boxes in various pack sizes at specialty baking supply stores, online retailers, and sometimes even at larger supermarkets or department stores. Here are some common pack sizes you might come across:

  1. Single Pack: Ideal if you only need one box for a single cake.
  2. Pack of 5: Good for smaller bakeries or occasional home bakers who bake cakes occasionally.
  3. Pack of 10: Provides a decent supply for individuals who bake frequently or for smaller bakeries with moderate demand.
  4. Pack of 25 or 50: Suitable for larger-scale baking operations or businesses that frequently need cake boxes.
  5. Bulk Packs (100 or more): Typically purchased by commercial bakeries or businesses with high-volume cake production.

When purchasing cake boxes, consider the material, sturdiness, and whether they come with inserts for securing the cake during transport. It’s also important to ensure that the boxes are food-safe and appropriate for your needs. Online retailers like Amazon, bakery supply stores, or wholesalers are good places to find a variety of pack sizes for 10-inch cake boxes.

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