10 inch Cake Cards – 1.75mm Cut Edged Cake Boards (25 Pack)


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Our 10inch cake cards are ideal for tiered cakes and low cost cakes, therefore sold at a super price when buying in bulk

Thinkness 1.75mm


A pack of 25 10-inch cake card boards that are 1.75mm thick provides sturdy support for cakes while maintaining a slim profile. These cake boards, typically made from food-grade cardboard, offer a stable base for cakes and are suitable for various cake decorating projects. Here are some details about them:

  1. Quantity: The pack contains 25 individual cake boards, allowing for multiple cake projects or commercial use.
  2. Size: Each cake board measures 10 inches in diameter, providing ample support for cakes of various sizes.
  3. Thickness: The cake boards are 1.75mm thick, offering stability and support without adding excessive bulk to the finished cake.
  4. Material: The cake boards are made from food-grade cardboard, ensuring they are safe for direct contact with cakes and other baked goods.
  5. Usage: These cake boards are suitable for cakes that are 10 inches or smaller in diameter. They can be used for single-tier cakes or as individual tiers in multi-tiered cakes.
  6. Convenience: The slim profile of these cake boards makes them convenient for assembling and transporting cakes. They provide a stable base and can easily be placed on cake stands or serving platters.

You can typically find packs of 25 10-inch, 1.75mm thick cake card boards in baking supply stores, specialty cake decorating shops, or online retailers that specialize in baking and cake decorating supplies. When purchasing, ensure that the boards are made from sturdy materials to adequately support your cakes during transport and display.


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