Massa Ticino Bride White Tropic Sugarpaste 7kg


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Please Note: from May 2023, Carma has now rebranded this product as ‘Mona Lisa’ to bring the name in line with the other products offered under this brand. The sugarpaste icing is exactly the same quality as before, only the name has changed.

Massa Ticino is a highly sought-after top-quality sugarpaste. It is the ideal choice for covering cakes due to its high flexibility in the fact that it will not rip or crack whilst being used, and will smooth to a professional finish with a crisp shell. Massa Ticino is available in a wide variety of vibrant colours and is carefully manufactured with only natural ingredients. This means the range is all AZO-dye free, free from E-numbers, free from dairy, gluten and cholesterol and vegan-friendly!

Below are some of the key features of this Massa Ticino Tropic Sugar paste: 

  • Will not crack or rip
  • AZO-dye free
  • For a 10″ cake, approximately 1kg is needed
  • Contains no E-numbers
  • Free from dairy, gluten and cholesterol
  • Vegan friendly

Contains: 7kg

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a credit for any tub that is cracked or damaged in transit. Whilst the utmost care is taken to ensure the product is well packaged, please be aware that we are not responsible for any damages incurred in transit and that you are ordering at your own risk.

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