ORIGINAL ARTISAN Gold Leaf – Single Small Sheet


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Decorate cake tiers and larger areas quickly, achieving a smooth, polished finish with ease.

For fondant/sugarpaste covered cakes, simply brush the surface of your sugar-work with water or apply an adhesive medium to dry sugar-work. Allow the adhesive to become tacky before attempting to apply the leaf. Then, simply use your finger to apply light pressure to the back of the transfer sheet and wait for a moment to make sure the gold leaf has completely transferred.

For buttercream cakes, we recommended applying the transfer sheet just after the cake is taken out of a fridge, so the surface of the cake should be nice and firm and not too soft / moist. (Note: It is better to use our other loose leaf sheets for soft / moist surfaces e.g. ice cream).

The leaf comes packaged in a soft-fibre non-stick washi paper. It also has a clear plastic backing to see where you go & moisture-resistant backing.

Each leaf measures 5cm x 5cm. Available as a single leaf or in packs of 5.

Trusted food-safe and certified to international food standards.

Handmade in Japan.

Ingredients: Gold

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