Patchwork Cutters Crown / Tiara Set sugarcraft cutter



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    • Ideal for a girls cake but can also be used for a boys cake by painting the crown gold or silver. It can also be cut down to make a tiara for a little girl’s cake topper. The smaller crowns are ideal on cake pops.
    • The large crown is 16 x 9.5cm

The Patchwork Cutters Crown/Tiara Cutter Set is a specialized collection of tools designed for creating intricate and regal crown or tiara-themed decorations in cake decorating and sugarcraft. This set typically includes a variety of cutter shapes featuring different styles of crowns or tiaras, along with additional accessories such as jewels, pearls, or decorative accents.

With these cutters, decorators can easily cut out detailed crown or tiara shapes from fondant, gum paste, or modelling paste to adorn cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods. The set allows for the creation of elegant and majestic designs, perfect for weddings, princess-themed parties, royal celebrations, or any event where a touch of luxury and royalty is desired.

The Crown/Tiara Cutter Set from Patchwork Cutters offers decorators the opportunity to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to their creations. Whether it’s for a birthday celebration fit for a princess or a lavish wedding cake fit for royalty, these cutters allow decorators to create visually stunning and memorable decorations that capture the imagination.

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