Patchwork Cutters JIGSAW PUZZLE icing sugarcraft cutter



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  • Jigsaw icing cutter by Patchwork Cutters
    • good quality sugarcraft cutters in a huge range of popular designs
    • clever design – the cutter creates a 35 piece oblong jigsaw puzzle panel
    • use the complete panel to create a jigsaw puzzle impression on any design – particularly eye-catching when the design has been drawn or painted
    • individual pieces can also be cut out using a sugarcraft trim knife – as seen around the cake in pic 1
    • Patchwork Cutters are known for sharp edges which help create clean shapes
    • little handle on the back for comfortable use
    • approx 11.5cm / 115mm / 4¾” high x 8cm / 80mm / just over 3″ wide
    • each jig saw piece within the panel approx 2.5cm / 25mm / 1″
    • pic 3 is a line drawing representation of finished shapes these cutters create
    • for best results we recommend using a good quality modelling paste like Saracino,

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