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Take a walk on the wild side with our Safari Silhouette Set. The set contains 8 fantastic animal cutters from a majestic elephant with her calf to a mischevious vervet monkey. Perfect for animal lovers and intrepid explorers! Combine with the tree and grass cutters from our Countryside Silhouette Set for stunning cake side designs.

The giraffe cutter is 11.5cm high

The Patchwork Cutters Safari Silhouette Set offers cake decorators a collection of cutters and embossers specifically designed to create captivating safari-themed decorations for cakes, cupcakes, and other baked treats. Here’s an overview of the typical cutters and embossers you might find in this set:

  1. Lion Cutter: This cutter typically features the silhouette of a lion, one of the iconic animals of the safari. It allows decorators to create edible lion decorations to add a touch of the wild to their creations.
  2. Elephant Cutter: An elephant-shaped cutter, perfect for creating edible elephant decorations to adorn safari-themed cakes and treats.
  3. Giraffe Cutter: A cutter shaped like a giraffe, allowing decorators to create edible giraffe decorations to add height and interest to their designs.
  4. Zebra Cutter: A cutter featuring the silhouette of a zebra, ideal for creating edible zebra decorations to add contrast and visual appeal to your safari-themed creations.
  5. Rhino Cutter: A cutter shaped like a rhinoceros, perfect for creating edible rhino decorations to enhance the authenticity of your safari-inspired designs.
  6. Textured Embossers: Along with the cutters, the set may also include textured embossers featuring additional safari-themed designs such as grass, foliage, animal prints, and more. These embossers add depth and detail to your decorations.

Overall, the Patchwork Cutters Safari Silhouette Set provides decorators with a versatile selection of cutters and embossers to create captivating safari-themed decorations that transport viewers to the heart of the wilderness. Whether you’re decorating a cake for a safari-themed party or creating treats for wildlife enthusiasts, this set offers the tools you need to bring your safari-inspired creations to life with style and authenticity.

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