7 Inch Cake Card – Cut Edged Cake Boards – Single 1.75mm


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This single thin cut edge cake board is sold in as a single and has a thickness of approx 1.75mm.

Cake boards are essential when making those tiered cakes, the bottom cake should sit on a cake drum and all the cakes above should sit on cake boards.

A 7-inch cake card with a cut-edged cake board, typically sold as a single unit with a thickness of 1.75mm, is a practical and essential accessory for cake decoration and presentation. This cake card provides a sturdy base for supporting medium-sized cakes, ensuring stability during transportation and display.

The 1.75mm thickness offers sufficient strength to support the weight of the cake while maintaining its shape and structure effectively. The cut-edged design adds a professional touch to the cake’s presentation, providing a neat and polished appearance.

The 7-inch size is suitable for cakes intended to serve a moderate number of guests, making this cake card ideal for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events. Both amateur and professional bakers frequently utilize these cake cards to enhance the presentation of their creations and ensure a memorable cake experience for their customers or guests.

In summary, a 7-inch cake card with a cut-edged cake board of 1.75mm thickness is a versatile and reliable accessory that plays a crucial role in cake decoration and presentation, contributing to the success of special occasions and celebrations.

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