Sugarflair Full Set (39 Colours) Food Colouring Gel Pastes


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Your purchasing 39 Pots of sugarflair gel based food colouring pastes, a great quality food gel paste that can be used to colour your icing, buttercream, sponge and much more. Sugarflair Gel Based food colourings are a high concentrate food colouring that make those cake decorating projects easier, as only small amounts are required.

The colours included are as per below:

Autumn Leaf – 25g
Baby Blue – 25g
Bitter Lemon – 25g
Burgundy – 25g
Caramel (Ivory) – 25g
Christmas Green –
Cream – 25g
Chestnut – 25g 
Christmas Red – 25g
Claret – 25g
Dark Brown – 25g
Deep Purple – 25g
Dusky Pink/Wine –
Egg Yellow – 25g
Egyptian Orange – 
Eucalyptus – 25g
Fuschia – 25g
Gooseberry – 25g
Grape Violet – 25g
Holly Green – 25g
Ice Blue – 25g
Khaki – 25g
Lilac – 25g
Liquorice – 25g
Melon – 25g
Mint – 25g
Navy Blue – 25g
Paprika (Flesh) – 25g
Party Green – 25g
Peach – 25g
Pink – 25g
Poppy Red – 25g
Primrose – 25g
Ruby – 25g
Royal Blue – 25g
Spruce – 25g
Tangerine (Apricot) –
Turquoise – 25g
Velvet Red – 25g

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