The Sugar Paste – White 7kg


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PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a credit for any 7kg tub that is cracked or damaged in transit. Whilst the utmost care is taken to ensure the product is well packaged, please be aware that the tubs do occasionally break in transit and that you are ordering at your own risk. The Sugar Paste inside the tub is wrapped in its own protective plastic so a damaged tub will not affect the paste itself.

What makes THE SUGAR PASTE™ so great?

• It doesn’t crack, tear or break.
• It’s super stretchy! No pesky elephant skin.
• Soft and easy to work with.
• Can be rolled mega thin, so will last you ages!
• Covers and smoothes like a dream.
• Comes sealed in 250g and 1kg packs for freshness (7KG comes in a sealed container).
• Free from E171 (now banned in France and Germany)
• RPSO Certified (Sustainable palm seed oil)

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