100g 6mm Silver Metallic Sugar Balls


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100g These 6mm silver sugar balls are perfect for celebration cakes and cupcakes.

The 6mm silver balls will arrive in a re-sealable grip seal bag to allow for ease of use and easy storage for future projects.
We sell these with a minimum 8 months best before date as they are fast moving product that we also sell from our retail unit.

Ingredients : Wheat flour, Colourings Silver (E174)
Ingredients : Sugar, maltodextrin, Arabic gum,

100g of 6mm Silver Metallic Sugar Balls refers to small spherical sugar decorations that are approximately 6mm in diameter and coated in a metallic silver colour. These sugar balls are commonly used in cake decorating and confectionery to add a touch of shimmer and elegance to baked goods.

The larger size of these sugar balls compared to standard sizes provides a bold and eye-catching decoration, making them perfect for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or festive celebrations where a dramatic effect is desired.

When using 6mm Silver Metallic Sugar Balls, decorators can sprinkle them over icing or frosting to create a sparkling effect, or they can be strategically placed to create patterns, borders, or other decorative designs. They are versatile and easy to use, allowing bakers to add a touch of glamour to their creations effortlessly.

Overall, 100g of 6mm Silver Metallic Sugar Balls is a convenient quantity for decorating multiple desserts and offers a simple yet effective way to elevate the visual appeal of baked goods with a bold metallic finish.

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