Colour Mill

Colour mill are an Australian based food colouring company, they use the highest quality ingredients to produce an amazing oil based food colouring. Colour mill works well with many ingredients like butter cream and cake mix, but works especially well with chocolate. The range comes in many colours like Red, Sage, Rust, Dusk, Yellow, Royal Blue and many many more.

Colour Mill offers a line of oil-based food colouring, which is particularly useful for colouring chocolate, compound coatings, and other fat-based products. Oil-based food colouring differs from water-based ones in that it won’t cause chocolate to seize or become clumpy, making it ideal for use in confectionery work where maintaining the smooth texture of chocolate is crucial. Colour Mill’s oil-based food colouring is designed to disperse evenly into fats without altering the texture or taste of the final product. This makes it a popular choice among chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and home bakers alike for achieving vibrant and consistent colours in their chocolate creations.

Colour Mill have won many awards for being a market leader for oil based food colouring. We also sell the product in sets like the Desert collection, Coastal Colours, and Summer Set too.

We also sell in packs of Six, Twelve and Fourteen, where your able to choose the colours you require.

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