Colour Mill

Colour mill are an Australian based food colouring company, they use the highest quality ingredients to produce an amazing oil based food colour. Colour mill works well with many ingredients like butter cream and cake mix, but works especially well with chocolate. The range comes in many colours like Red, Sage, Rust, Dusk, Yellow, Royal Blue and many many more.

Colour Mill have won many awards for being a market leader for oil based food colouring. We also sell the product in sets like the Desert collection, Coastal Colours, and Summer Set too.

  • *here’s a good explanation from Colour Mill’s blog . . . since ‘The Age of Buttercream’ we’re finding that colourings are becoming less effective in our baking. Let’s take Swiss Meringue Buttercream for example… 40% of your SMBC recipe is butter (oil) and you’re adding gel colouring (water) to dye it? We all know that water and oil can’t mix, so your traditional gel colour will only be able to dye the sugar in your buttercream but not the butter itself.  That means you’re adding gel/paste that can only dye 60% of the product, which is why the results are often not great

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