7 Inch Cake Cards – 1.75mm Cut Edged Cake Boards (25 Pack)


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These thin 7 Inch  cut edge cake boards are sold in PACKS of 25 and all have a thickness of approx 1.75mm.

Cake boards are essential when making those tiered cakes, the bottom cake should sit on a cake drum and all the cakes above should sit on cake boards.

7-inch cake cards with 1.75mm cut-edged cake boards, typically sold in packs of 25, are essential supplies for cake decorating and presentation. These cake cards provide a sturdy base for supporting medium-sized cakes, ensuring stability during transport and display.

The 1.75mm thickness offers sufficient strength to hold the weight of the cake while maintaining its shape and structure. The cut-edged design adds a professional touch to the presentation of the cake, giving it a clean and polished appearance.

The 7-inch size is suitable for cakes intended to serve multiple people, making these cake cards ideal for birthdays, weddings, parties, or any other special occasions where a medium-sized cake is desired. They are commonly used by both amateur and professional bakers to enhance the presentation and appeal of their creations.

Overall, 7-inch cake cards with 1.75mm cut-edged cake boards are versatile and reliable supplies that help ensure the success of cake decorating projects and celebrations.

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