Colour Splash Dust – Pearl – Pure Gold Lustre Dust


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Edible Colour Splash powder food colouring dust with a pearl pure gold effect.

This product is 100% edible and can be sprinkled as a dust directly onto your treats, you can also make into a paint by mixing with rejuv spirit or Vodka, rejuvenating spirit is always best though.

Color Splash Pure Gold Lustre Dust is a shimmering, edible powder used to add a touch of luxury and sparkle to baked goods and confections. It’s commonly used in cake decorating, particularly for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, where a lavish, golden touch is desired. This edible lustre dust is made from finely ground food-safe materials, usually a combination of metallic pigments and additives, which adhere to the surface of fondant, gum paste, or other edible mediums when brushed or dusted on. It’s a popular choice for adding a metallic sheen to fondant-covered cakes, sugar flowers, cookies, and other decorative elements in pastry and cake design.

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