56 Foil Cupcake Cases


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56 Foil Cupcake Muffin Baking Cases

These high quality pack of 56 foil cupcake cases are manufactured in the U.K. They are bake stable to 220c and will keep their vibrant colours under these temperatures.

We have been using these cases ourselves for many years and find them to be of a very high quality at a super price too.  We sell any cases in our online shop, but these are the ones we use.

Measurements approx 51mm Diameter base and 38 mm high.

We also sell them in packs of 112, 210 and 500

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56 foil cupcake cases refer to a smaller quantity of cupcake liners made from foil material. These cupcake cases are typically used for baking cupcakes and muffins, providing a convenient and decorative way to line the baking pans and ensure easy removal of the baked goods after they are done.

Foil cupcake cases have several advantages over traditional paper liners. They are more sturdy and can better retain their shape during baking, which is especially useful for heavier batters or fillings. Additionally, foil liners often come in a variety of colours and metallic finishes, adding an elegant touch to the presentation of the cupcakes.

With 56 foil cupcake cases, bakers have a moderate supply on hand, making them suitable for home baking or smaller-scale baking projects. They are convenient for those who bake occasionally or prefer to have a smaller quantity of cupcake liners on hand for occasional use.

Overall, 56 foil cupcake cases provide a practical and decorative solution for lining cupcake pans and baking delicious treats with ease, suitable for various baking needs and preferences.


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